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  1. You must obey ALL club & range rules.

  2. Everyone on the property must be a member of the club (daily or yearly membership)

  3. Any sign ups for events competitions, trainings, etc. you are a ONE day member.

  4. ONE day members are to shoot at paper targets only. Unless stated otherwise for training or competition reasons.

  5. All club fee's must be paid prior to arriving or taking your first shot on the range.

  6. Every member should understand that this is a private range. There are rules to maintain everyone's safety. But understand that you are shooting at YOUR OWN RISK.

  7. Do not participate in any shooting events or training above what you are ready for.

  8. Ear & eye protection REQUIRED.

  9. ALL firearms need to be holstered, cased, or in a range bag prior to shooting. And when finished shooting need to be re-holstered, cased, or put back into range bag. 

  10. Keep muzzles pointed downrange, or in a SAFE direction always.

  11. Keep finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

  12. Do not step past firing line until ALL shooters have been made aware the range is COLD.

  13. Before firing shooters are to check surroundings and announce GOING HOT.

  14. Tactical moving and shooting is only done under permission and supervision.

  15. Pick up your trash. EX: plastic, paper, bottles etc.

  16. When you are not shooting. Firearms should have a chamber flag or have the slide/ejection port/action in locked open position.

  17. Members or those with authorized access on the property ONLY. Non approved access will be asked to leave or be charged with TRESPASSING!

  18. Controlled burst fire ONLY.

  19. ALL shooting & gun handling done on the premises should be to make you better. Reckless gun handling and or shooting you will be dismissed or possibly charged with endangerment!

  20. Rifle calibers minimum of 75 yards at steel targets. (No green tip, or any armor piercing bullets to be shot at steel. PAPER TARGETS ONLY!)

  21. Magnum rifle calibers paper targets only. Unless permission is stated otherwise from the property owner

  22. Handgun calibers minimum of 10 yards on steel.

  23. Before shooting further distances with rifles always shoot close (<50 yards) and low (target low to the ground) to make sure the firearm is still zeroed.


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