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Refunds & Cancellation Policies

No cash back refunds will be given.


Membership payment terms are monitored and enforced. If an agreement is breached it will result in alternative payment collection methods including up to collection letters and or litigation.

  • ​Training Courses / Competitions


A good amount of time, expenses and work goes into setting up these events, courses and competitions.

Once you have have paid you have committed. So show up!


  • Bad Weather / Unforeseeable events.


If a course is cancelled due to some unforeseeable event... Most likely bad weather. All courses affected will be rescheduled.


  • 30 Day Reschedule Policy


If you have signed up for a course and cannot make it for ANY reason, your course can and will be rescheduled.

You will have 1 month (30 days) from the initial course to take the next course available.

If you have decided to not take the course at all you will forfeit all funds.

  • Shooting Club Memberships


Club memberships are offered in either ONE DAY OR ANNUALLY 

​ALL annual membership plans are for a minimum of 12 months (1 year)

Annual memberships will automatically recur until cancellation. 

Plan cancellations are NOT available until the 12 month minimum has been satisfied.

All member cancellation request after the initial 12 month minimum must be submitted via email at least 30 days before payment billing date. ( )

All cancellation request submitted after payment has been withdrawn will take effect on the next billing cycle. 

  • Additionally we do not charge maintenance fee's nor additional cancellation fee's. The only fee you will be liable for is the remainder of your shooting club member. (Example John Doe purchased an individual plan at $15 a month. He keeps his plan 4 months then his card is insufficient fund his account will close and he will owe the remainder 8 months)

  • If a plan is cancelled prior to that membership being paid in FULL alternative collection methods will be explored. Including up to litigation. If litigation is pursued the party in question will be responsible for ALL cost involved!

  • Member OPT OUT if any individual would like to opt out they can manually pay their 12 month membership in FULL. Please Contact Cee's Shooting Club directly to learn more! (919) 440-7111



  You will lose all access/benefits to the range, club emails, member giveaways, member events and more! We do not recommend cancelling !   

Thank you for understanding... See you at the club!

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